If you are going to apply for government free boiler scheme, you should understand certain things about the grant scheme. There are specific eligibility criteria, and you need to realize that the boiler grant does not cover the entire cost of replacing the boiler. You will need to pay a minimal amount in some instances, and if there is any shortfall, you will need to make up for this.

It does not mean at all that you should not apply or the grant, but you can save a considerable amount of money. You may get an improved heating system with the efficiency of your home energy. It may cut your annual heating charges. Here are certain things about the boiler grant that you need to understand before applying for a boiler grant.

Homeowners and private tenants

You should keep in mind that only homeowners and private tenant are eligible for this grant. Along with this, you need to in receipt of certain benefits to apply for a boiler grant. If you are renting and want to replace your boiler but cannot afford to do so, you need to head over to government boiler scheme. You may get quotes from local boiler professionals for the purpose. You may get a boiler on monthly installments if you are not eligible for a free boiler grant.

As it is told that boiler grant is only available for homeowners and tenants. The tenant should have the landlord permission for the purpose. There is a criterion for the process. If you are a pensioner, you should be receiving pension guarantee credit. If you are receiving child benefits you my give information about your living conditions. Your income may be assessed.

Big six

Six energy providers in the UK sponsor the free boiler scheme. The companies are incurred massive fines if they do not me the carbon emission targets set by the UK government. It is their legal obligation to help with this initiative and become a part of the eco scheme.

You can use this grant for replacing your condensing or non-condensing boiler. If you want to replace the boiler with this scheme, it should be lesser than 86% efficient. It should be more than, five year old.  This scheme is for the low-income household to help them reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency.

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