In a very sedentary world, a fitness playground for adults is a great plan because the population will do more physical exercises so this will keep them healthier. World Health Organization recommends for adults between 18 and 64 years old at least two and half hours of moderated physical activity, so the fitness playground that will be built in Ohio will give the grown-ups a chance to exercise every day in a funny way.

For Americans, the concept of a fitness playground is relatively unusual because they use to take their children to play in the park, but in the last few years, this project is more and more realistic, so Ohio park will have a $30k fitness playground. In the United Kingdom, there is a similar fitness playground which has a total investment of around £7843000. Green Heart is a giant playground laying on almost 3000 hectares. Again, it has a lot of recreation features which will make the sport more attractive for adults but not only. If you like fishing, you will definitely visit this park because it gives you the chance to practice this sport and know more about it. Another cool thing is that there are events stages, so you can also enjoy your favourite music while exercising and enjoying it. Due to the 25000 trees, you will also breath fresh air, so your lungs will be healthier.

Even if the investment in Ohio for the fitness playground equipment will not be as high as the one in the United Kingdom, the features it will have are almost the same, so it is great to have a lot of entertainment places on a lower price. Lamonte Hall Jr. won a prize which will make this dream come true. He won $30k at a sports competition so far.

Some of the most attractive devices for sports will be:

  • Rigs with all kinds of accessories, so you need to go there to find which one fits you best
  • Ladder and ropes for testing your climb abilities
  • Bars for exercising your arm muscle
  • A new thing is a medicinal bar
  • Different types of benches
  • The Swedish ladder will also be there
  • The suspension trainer will help you to train the entire body in the funniest way

Another benefit coming with such a complex playground is that people all over the place will come to see it and this will be a great source of money for the state budget if it will be a small fee at the entrance. The people from Ohio will have this great opportunity to enjoy their spare time in a lovely place, get the physical exercises they need and be happier so far. The playground will offer a big smile to everyone that will go there. Also, the children will be more than excited to discover all the innovative features, so this will make them run, play, be free, in conclusion, happier by growing with these interesting activities.

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