In an era where many businesses have identified the importance of working with a reputed lead generation agency, Campaign Tech Awards have returned with new marketing segments. Exceptional tech-centred work and collaboration across the sector will be celebrated in the yearly wards which are ready for 2019. Entries for the “Campaign Tech Awards (2019)” are now being accepted and most of the participants are prepared to showcase their iconic technology-centred work by individuals and firms across the media, advertising, and marketing industries.

In essence, the awards support cooperation between tech communities and brands celebrating the exceptional work that they yield together. In 2018, R/GA London received “Agency of the Year” after completing their ground-breaking year of innovative initiatives for several leading brands including Nike, Hyundai, Guinness, and Google. An iconic video platform, “Wirewax” allows users to make things on the screen more interactive. Wirewax was also named “Tech Company of the Year” based on its advanced features that create digital assets in an exceptional and unique manner.

In 2019, the awards have introduced four advanced marketing segments:

– Best use of paid search

– Best lead generation campaign

– Innovation in affiliate marketing and;

– Best use of paid social.

Additionally, the profound “Judges’ Choice Award” for tech/agency cooperation of the year appreciates tech suppliers and agencies that have not only become genuine partners but also of great benefits to the clients. The segment is open to tech providers and agencies such as social, PR, media, digital and creative providers wishing to enter individually or jointly. March 7, 2019, marks the official deadline for submitting the award entries but this will also come with a late-entry fee.

Estimating the Costs

If you choose a reputed and affordable lead generation agency, you will enjoy services at an affordable cost ranging from £19.84 to £396.72 per lead. The cost depends on the challenge involved in getting the lead. Therefore, a lead that is difficult to source will come at a higher price. In most cases, businesses targeting higher-conversion rates must target high-quality leads.

Lead generation agencies that provide lead generation more often charge maintenance or a setup fee ranging from £158.69 to £793.44 each year. If you intend to do significant business with a given agency, you can try to bargain the rate down. If you wish to expand your business fast, you need to consider lead generation. Working with a well-established lead generation agency is one of the practical ways of expanding the client base and increasing ROI. Lead generation is just like an advertising initiative and requires the business to have a reliable budget for the same. Businesses that have succeeded in lead generation must express exceptional ability to make follow-ups and close the sales. Lead generation also helps businesses to sharpen their marketing skills to guarantee higher sales conversion rates.

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