We are living in a society where we have learned a lot. One thing is that things publicized as one size for all don’t work in all the situations. So we need to look at words that custom fit in your life. This rule is applicable whether you are buying clothing, accessories, or bedding for you. If things are customized according to your requirements, the world will operate in a better way.

For this reason, a special size mattress is a better option to choose as compared to one type fits all. It would be best if you did not go by this slogan. Here are some reasons why you need a custom route for your next mattress purchase.

You and your partner have different sleeping habits.

There may be a lot of matters where you and your partner agree, but there may be a lot of things where you don’t agree. You may prefer a warm home and living room, but your partner may opt for cold temperatures. Similarly, there may be a difference in eating and meals.

You may disagree on the level of firmness in your mattress. This happens more often, but perhaps you may not realize. If you opt for the custom mattress to meet the needs of both, it may help you sleep happy, rest easy, and rise fresh in the morning.


The thickness of your mattress determines how well your bed performs for you and your partner. If you re taller or shorter than average, you may prefer a mattress that accommodates your height easily. If the taller and shorter has customized thickness, it may be easy to get into and get out of the mattress. If you are the heavyweight, you need a thicker mattress with more firmness and support than those who are thin. Less plush bedding is quite fit for weaker people so that they do not sink into the bed.

Most mattresses have standard sizes. If your bed frame is an heirloom, it will not work. It would help if you had a customized mattress then.

Happier and productive life

It may be a reason to prefer a customized mattress over the one type fits all mattresses. Your mattress is crucial for a sound and relaxing sleep to get up fresh the next morning.  The quality of sleep depends on your mattress. So it would be best if you had a customized mattress that renders you a sense of happiness. Otherwise, you may lead the life in aches and pains.

Post Author: Oping1975